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52 weak Ahadith – by Shaikh Nasir ul-Dean Al Albani (RH) and 100 Fabricated.

52  weak Ahadith – by  Shaikh Nasir ul-Dean Al Albani (RH)  and 100 Fabricated.
Unfortunately, many Muslim individuals, groups and organizations use quotations of weak Ahadith to support an argument or a position. There are sincere Muslims who due to ignorance, choose unchecked Hadith and feel so proud and so confident that the prophet (PBUH) has supported their arguments.  There are also many sincere Muslims who refrain from employing weak narrations once they are made aware of the seriousness of attributing a lie to the Prophet.
The Ahadith are classified as Sahih (Authentic), Hasan (Acceptable), Da’eef (Weak) and Mawdoo’ (Fabricated). Fabricated traditions (Mawdoo') are not considered to be Hadith.
No Muslim should accept everything and anything presented as the Messenger of Allah’s word
Generally in Islamic law only the authentic (Sahih) and good (Hasan) Ahadith are used in deriving the rules. The weak (da'if) Ahadith have no value for the purpose of Shari'ah. However, the scholars of Hadith sometimes differ among themselves in the determination of some Ahadith whether they are weak or not weak. The 'Ulama have sometimes used weak Ahadith for moral and spiritual (fada'il) matters. It is important that when one uses a weak Hadith for any reason then one should explain it to the people that this is weak Hadith and it is being used for this particular reason.
Shaikh Nasir ul-Dean Al Albani (RH) wrote a series of books called "Silsilat Al Ahadith Addaeefa" the series of weak narrations. These four volume books contain about 2,000 weak Ahadith. Every Hadith's weakness is explained in details. When one goes through, one will be amazed and astonished to realize that how Muslims have unwittingly used so many weak narrations in the past to support an argument or a wrong practice.
The following 52 weak Ahadith are taken from that series and numbered them as a reference to their locations in the book of Albani:
1." The Deen is the brain, and he who has no religion has no brain." Batil No.1
2."Whose prayer does not stop him from evil and sins he will only get further away from Allah." Batil No.2
3."Work for this life as if you are living forever and the Hereafter as if you will die tomorrow."  Hadith No.8
4."I have been sent as a teacher." Da'if No.11
5." Two types of people from my Ummah, if they are good my people will be good: the leaders and scholars." Fabricated No.16
6." I don't need to ask Him for He knows my affair."
This saying is attributed to prophet Ibrahim (AS). It's alleged he said it before he was thrown into the fire. Fabricated. No.21
7. "Adam (AS) saw the Kalima (La ilaha illallah Muhammad dur Rasoolullah) written on the Arsh (Allah's throne)." Fabricated No.25
8. "There is goodness in me and my Ummah until the day of Judgment." Fabricated No.30
9. "To love one’s own country is a sign of Iman."  Fabricated No.36
10." Who sleeps after 'Asr and losses his mind should blame none but himself."  Da'if No.39
11. " Whoever performs Hajj and does not visit me has boycotted me." No.45
This Hadith and all the other Ahadith about visiting the Prophet (pbuh) after his death are Fabricated.
12. "Disagreement amongst my Ummah is a mercy." Fabricated No.57
13. "My Sahabah are like stars..." This and other Hadith with different endings are all fabricated. No.58
14. "My household (Hal al Bait) are like stars...."  Fabricated No.62
15. "My Lord has disciplined me well." Da'if No.72
16."To rub the eyes when hearing the Adhan..." Fabricated No.73
17. "All people are dead except the Scholars, and all the Scholars are punished except the workers, and all the workers are drowned except the sincere, and the sincere are in great danger." Fabricated No.76
18. "There is no Mahdi except Isa (AS)." Munkar No.77
19. “Prayer with the Aamama (head clothing) is equivalent to 25 prayers than without it....” Fabricated No.127
20. “Get married and do not divorce because divorce shakes the Arsh." Fabricated No.147
21. "Love the Arabs for three reasons; because I am an Arab, the Qur'an is in Arabic and the language of Jannah is Arabic." Fabricated No.160
22. "For everything there is a heart, and for the Qur'an this is Surah Ya Sin and who reads it, it is as if he has read the Qur'an ten times." Fabricated No.169
23."Contemplation for one hour is better than worship for sixty years." Fabricated No.173
24." Hajj is Jihad and Umrah is optional." Da'if No..200
25. " The neighbor’s rights are up to forty houses away..." Da'if No.274
26." I was a Prophet before Adam (AS) and before the water and the mud...." Fabricated No.302
27."Who does not care for the Muslims affairs is not one of them..." Da'if No.309
28. "As you are, so will be your leaders." Da'if No.320
29. "Who abides by my Sunnah at the time of corruption of my Ummah he will get the reward of a hundred martyrs..." Da'if No.326
30. "The Prophet (pbuh) kissed a Sahabah by the hand and said that this hand will not be touched by fire." Batil No.391
31. "Seek knowledge even in China." Batil No.416
32. "People will be called on the Day of Judgment by their mother’s names."  Fabricated No.433
33. " A Sultan (The Ruler) is the shadow of Allah on the earth..." Fabricated No.475
34.  "Exaggerate in remembering Allah until others call you mad." Da'if No.517
35. "The son of Adam (AS) does not do a dearer deed than on the Day of Nahaar (sacrifice during Eid ul Adha) than spilling blood of the sacrifice. It will come on the Day of Judgment with its horn, wool and huffs and Allah accepts the sacrifice before its blood reaches the ground..." Da'if/ Fabricated No.526
36. "He used to pray in Ramadan twenty rakahs Taraweeh and the Witr." Fabricated No.560
37. "When the Prophet (pbuh) came into Medina the women and children were singing Ta la al badroo aalaynaa....." Da'if  No.598
38. " The believer is courteous, clever and alert." Fabricated No.760
39." Who honors the women is noble and who humiliates them is mean." Fabricated No.845
40."O my Uncle if they placed the sun in my right and the moon in my left to give up this matter (Islam) I would not do so, until Allah makes it prevail or I perish in the process."  Da'if No.909
41."Do not urinate standing up." Da'if No.934
42."He used to stand on the mimbar leaning on a stick while giving the Khutbah." Da'if No.964
43."Ali (RA) missed the 'Asr prayer and the Prophet (pbuh) prayed for the sun to reappear until Ali (RA) had prayed." Fabricated No.971
44."One day from an Imam 'Adl (Just Ruler) is better than sixty years of worship." Da'if No.989
45."Whose prayer does not stop him from evil and sins, will not be accepted." Munkar No.985
46."He used to pray four Rakat before Jumuah and four after." Batil No.1001
47."Any women who leave her house without her husband's permission will be in Allah's displeasure until she returns to the house or her husband becomes happy with her." Fabricated No.1020
48."The dearest women to the Prophet (pbuh) are Fatima (RA), and from the men is Ali (RA)." Batil No.1124
49."Who has died has met his Qiyamah." Da'if No.1166
50."I recommend the two cures, honey and Qur'an." Da'if No.1514
51."If someone backbites his brother then you should seek forgiveness for him as this is a kaffarah" Fabricated/Da'if No.1518
52.  “The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr” Fabricated (Source book    "100 Fabricated Ahadith" by Shaikh Abdullah Faisal).(  :
. http://www.islamworlduk.com/hadith.htm )
100  Fabricated   hadith
Hadith 1- Conversation in the Masjid eats up good deeds the way animals consume grass.   Fabricated by Al Haafidh Al-Iraqi. Devoid of Isnaad- Tabaqaaat As-Shaafi’ia (Vol 4.p 145)
Permissible to converse in the mosque without backbiting, slandering, tale bearing, ridiculing, kufr, shirk and deviation from the Qur’an and Sunnah, & not raising their voices.
Hadith 2- Beautify your dining table with herbs for verily it drives away the devil upon reciting Bismillah hirrahmanirraheem. –Fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee- related by Abu Na’eem.
Hadith 3- Prayer performed in a turban is equivalent to fifteen prayers without  a turban.
And a Jumu’ah prayer performed in a turban is equivalent to ten Jumu’ah prayers without a turban. Verily the angels wear turbans for Jum’ah prayers and they continue to send blessings on the people who wear turbans till sunset.  Fabricated by Ibn Hajar, related by Ibn Najjaar.
Hadith 4- Love the Arabs for three reasons: because I Muhammad (Allah’s apostle) , am an Arab, the Holy Qur’an was revealed in Arabic and the language of Jannah will be Arabic. FALSE.-Abu Haatim- related by Al Haakim.
Hadith 5 –When Adam committed the sin of approaching the forbidden tree, he said,” O Lord I beg of Thee to forgive me due to the right of Muhammad (sal) over You. “ So Allah (swt) said “ O Adam how did you know about Muhammad seeing that I have not yet created him” He Adam replied” O Lord when You created me with your own hands and blew in me of Your soul, I raised up my head and saw on the pillar of your throne, There is no god but Allah(swt) and Muhammad (sal) is His Messenger written on it.xxxSo Allah (swt) said to him, “Call upon Me by his right over Me and I’ll forgive you.  And if it wasn’t for Muhammad I wouldn’t  have created you.”- Narrated by Abdur rahman Ibn Aslam Baseless Fabrication – by Adh Dhahaaabee
Hadith 6- There is not a single person from among the Muslims who has not been forgiven by Allah for his sins on Jumu’ah day. Fabricated by Ibn Najar Al Asqalaani and Adh Dhaahbee who said an unknown person was found in the Isnaad. 
Hadith7-He who gets married before he perform Hajj has indeed started (his life) by committing a great wrong.-Fabricated by Ibn Jawzee   
Hadith 8- - He who visits the grave of his parents  every Jum’mah and recite Surah Ya-seen over them or one of them, shall have his sins  forgiven by the number of each verse or  each letter. Fabricated by Ibn Adee- devoid of  an Isnaad
Hadith 9 – I am a city of knowledge and Ali is the gate by which you pass to obtain that knowledge. Fabricated by Imam Bukhari. This fabricated hadith is famous among the Shites

Hadith 10-The members of my household are like the stars in the sky whichever one you follow  you shall be guided. Fabricated by Adh Dhahaabee who said a liar was found in the Isnaad.
Hadith 11- My companions are like the stars in the sky whichever one you follow you shall be guided.- Ibn Hazm  said a liar was found in the Isnaad called Salam Ibn Sulayman.
Hadith 12-Diversity among my followers is a mercy from Allah. – Ibn Hasm said this saying is not a Hadith. Fabricated.
Hadith 13- If it weren’t for women, Allah would have been worshipped properly. Ibn Adee : A man was found in the chain of transmitters “Abdur rahuman  Ibn Zaid a liar and a Khabeeth.
Hadith 14- Obedience to a woman’s advice causes regret.Fabricated related by Ibn Abu Haatim.
.Hadith 15-There is no sin in backbiting an evil liver.Related by Tabaranee
Even though a person is an evil liver, he is still a Muslim. and unwise and impious  to backbite him or she because this will drive them away from the Muslim community.
Hadith 16- Umar Ibn Khattaab is the light of Islam in this world and the lamp (light) for the people of Jannah in the hereafter .Related by Ibn Jawzee- Fabricated Khabar ( Hadith)
Hadith 17-Seek knowledge even as far as China. Related Ibn Adee. Fabricated by Ibn Jawzee and Ibn Hibbaan
Hadith 18- The scholars of my ummah (i.e. Ummah of Muhammad (sal)) are like the prophets of Bani Israel. Classified  Fabricated by the Ijmaa of the scholars.
Hadith 19-The sneezing of a person while another person is speaking is a proof that what the person is saying is the truth. Related by Tabarani. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 20- To think for an hour is better than to be engages in worship for a period of sixty years. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 21-When Allah created the Aql (human intellect) He commanded it by saying come and it went to Allah. He then said to it retreat and it retreated.  So He said by my Glory and Majesty I have not created anything more precious than thee.Related by Bayhaqi and classified fabricated by Adh Dhahaabee.
Hadith 22-An illegitimate child cannot enter the Paradise or anyone from his descendants to as far as the seventh generation. Related by Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 23-There is neither Athaan nor iqaamah for women and no Ghusl for Salatul Jumu’ah. Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Ahmed Ibn Hanbal.
Men and women are equal in regards to rewards and punishments. Hence when we are commanded by Allah (swt) to do something it also includes women, e.g. Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Saum and Hajj. Because are included in the commandments, which are inside the Qur’an and Hadith, there is no sin on them if they recite the Athan and the iqamah for prayer. This permission is only granted to them when they are in a building where there are no men around. Its unislamic  for women to call the Athan where there are men around because a woman’s voice becomes her aura when it is beautified
Hadith 24-There isn’t a Prophet that was sent except after reaching the age of forty. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 25- Allah will not punish (His servants) over an issue in which there was a difference of opinion concerning it.   Classified fabricated by Sakhwee
Even though the Muslims differ about Music, Allah promises a painful punishment for those who engage in it. Sura Luqman verse 6.
Hadith 26- Bury your dead in the graveyards of the pious people, for verily the dead is hurt by a bad neighbor the same manner in which a living person suffers from a bad neighbor. Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by Ibn Jazwee.
Hadith 27- I begged my Lord  (Glorified be He) not to send any member of my household to the Hellfire and He granted me my request.  Related by Ibn Bushraan and classified fabricated by Nisaaeee.
Hadith 28- He who invited someone to Islam causing him or her to embrace it, then he, the caller, shall surely enter the Paradise.  Related by Tayibee and classified fabricated by As-Saghaani.
Hadith 29- He who plays chess is cursed.  Classified fabricated by Imam Nawawi.
Hadith 30- Were I to swear by Allah and tell a lie, is more preferred by me than to swear by someone other than Allah and speak the truth.  Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by Darr Qutnee.
Hadith 31- Verily the Angels said to Allah: O Lord ‘how do you exercise patience in regards to the many sins of Bani Adam’ ? He said: I test them then I pardon them for their sins. The Angels said: If only we were in their place we wouldn’t have disobeyed you.  He  said: Then choose two Angels from among you to be in their place. So they chose  Harut and Marut; and they both descended towards the Earth.  Upon reaching Earth there came to them a woman called Zuhra and they both fell in love with her. So they both began to conceal from each other the feelings of lust, which they had in their hearts for Zuhra.  One of them returned to her; then the other came and said: Do you feel what I feel for her, he said yes.  Then they both asked her for her body.  She replied I will never submit my body to you both until you teaches me the secret word that you use to ascent the Heavens and return to Earth.  Then both Harut and Marut refused; then again they asked her for her body but she refused also.  They both then gave in and taught her the secret wo5ad to ascent to the Heavens.  She immediately used it and as soon as she ascended the Heavens Allah (swt) tossed a star at her, which destroyed all of her wings.  Harut and Marut then begged Allah to forgive them; so Allah gave them a choice. He said: If you like I can return you to your Angelic state and punish you on Judgement Day.                                                             
One of them said to the other, the punishment of the Dunya is temporary, so they chose to be punished in the Dunya rather than to be punished in the hereafter.  Allah then told them to go to Babylon, so they both went there and stayed; they are presently hanging between the Heavens and the Earth being punished until Judgement Day.Related by Ibn Jaleel. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabi

Hadith 32-The carrying of a rod is a sign of a True Muslim and a tradition of all prophets.  Related by Daylamee and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabi
Hadith 33- He who practices I’thikaaf (seclusion) for ten days of Ramadhan will get the reward of two Hajj and two umrah.  Related by Bayhakee and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabi
Hadith 34- It is better for you to speak in Arabic and avoid speaking in Persian for verily it breeds hypocrisy. Related by Al-Haakin and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabi.
Hadith 35- There is no good in black people; when they are hungry they steal and when their stomach is full they commit zina. However they have two noble characteristics, which are generosity to their guests and perseverance at times of hardship. Related by  Tabaraani.  Classified fabricated by Imam Bukhari and Ibn Jawzeer.
Hadith 36-The Holy Prophet (sal) once sat on a cushion made of silk. -  Classified fabricated by Al-Haafiz Zaylaee
Hadith 37- Marry and do not divorce for verily Allah’s throne shakes whenever a divorce occurs. Related by Ibn Adee. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Divorce is a great blessing from Allah (swt) to remove undesirable people from our lives.
Hadith 38-The Holy Prophet (sal) never used to visit a sick person until after three days. Related by Ibn Asaakir. Classified fabricated by Ibn awzee.
Hadith 39- Beware of zina (unlawful sexual intercourse) for verily it results in six evil consequences, three of which occur on earth while the others occur in the hereafter.  As for those that occur on earth they are: It takes away radiance from your face; It breeds poverty; It causes your sustenance to decrease.
1         As for those that will occur in the hereafter, they are: It brings down the wrath of the Lord; it makes ones’ reckoning becoming difficult; it causes one to abide in the hell-fire forever Related by Abu Na”eem. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
The message of this hadith is accurate except for one fault; the sentence that states that zina causes someone to be in the hell-fire forever.  This is the aqeeda of the Khawaaarij.  There is no Sahaabah or classical scholar past or present that holds the view that fornication or adultery causes a person to be in the hell-fire forever. He remains a Muslim and becomes a Kafir only if he claims that zina is halaal.
Prophet (sal) said:  He who has the smallest particle of Iman in his heart will be taken out of the hell-fire.
Hadith 40-He who begets a son and names him Muhammad for the sake of blessing, both he and his son will be in Jannah. Related by Ibn Bakeer. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. This fabricated Hadith promotes irjaa (liberalism) and gives Muslims the false hope that it is possible to enter Jannah without practicing Islam.  In order for a Muslim to enter Jannah he or she has to practice the seven conditions of Shahadah which are: Knowledge of what the Shaadah means, Certainty, to believe in it inwardly to declare it outwardly, Complete submission to Quran and Sunnah, to condemn all shades of falsehood, to be devoted to Allah alone in worship, to love and hate for Allah’s sake.

Hadith 41- He who begets three sons and doesn’t name any of them Muhammad is indeed an ignorant person.  Related by Tabarani. Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee.
Hadith 42- He who builds a house bigger than what is necessary will be made to carry it on his shoulders on the Day of JudgementRelated by Ibn Bakeer. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 43—to love your country is a part of IMAN-Classified fabricated by Saghanai.
Hadith 44-A small amount of deeds backed up by knowledge is beneficial, while plenty of good deeds without any knowledge is useless. Relat ed by Daylamee and classified fabricated by Imam Suyooti.
In order for a righteous deed to be accepted two conditions must be found. The doer has to purify her or his intention i.e. the deed has to be done solely for Allah’s pleasure. The deed has to be done in accordance with the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (sal).
Hadith 45-Beware of the Dunya (life of this world) for verily its magical powers are greater than that of Harut and Marut. Related by Ibn Abee Dunya and classified fabricated by al Haafidh al Iraqi.
There is no harm in a Muslim working hard for his living and becoming rich.   In fact it is better to be rich than to be poor if you have taqwa.  Then you will be able to spend for the spread of this deen.  Thus the rich man who is grateful is better than the poor man who is patient, because the poor man all he has is patience.
To love and hate for Allah’s sake   ?
Hadith 46-He who made Hajj to the house in Makkah and didn’t visit my grave in Madinah has indeed treated me badly.  Related by Saghaani Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee and Ash- Shoukaani.
Hadith 47-He who makes Hajj and then visits my grave when I die will be like the one who visited me when I was alive. Related by At- Tabaraani. Classified fabricated by Ibn Ma’een.
Hadith 48- Chicken takes the place of lamb for the poor of my Ummah and Jum’ah is their Hajj.Related by Ibn Hibban and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee, ad-Daar Qutnee and adh-Dhahaabee.
Hadith 49- Whenever anyone of you cohabits with his wife let him avoid looking at her private parts because it causes blindness, and also let him avoid excessive talking because this causes dumbness. Related by al-Azdee and classified fabricated by Ibn Hibbaan, and adh-Dhahaabee.
This fabricated khabar seeks to outline some Islamic Adaab in regards to cohabition except that the meaning of the Hadith doesn’t make sense.  Moreover Adh-Dhahaabee said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters called Muhammad Ibn AbdurRahman at Istaree.
Even though it is permissible for a man to look at his wife’s naked body and vice versa one should not get into the habit of doing this too often because this act is not encouraged its only permissible.  Hence to abuse this rukhsa (permission) may result in a loss of shyness which is a good virtue.  The Holy Prophet (sal) said “ Shyness is a branch of Iman”.
Hadith 50- The Holy Prophet(sal) forbade that one should cohabit with his wife before foreplay.
Related by Ibn Asaakhir  and classified fabricated by  adh-Dhahaabee.
There is no doubt that  it is better for a man to practice foreplay before cohabiting with his wife.  However we cannot say foreplay is fard.  The above-mentioned fabricated khabar is insinuating that foreplay is fard, while it is Sunnah (recommended) especially if the woman is a virgin.  Whenever something is Sunnah we cannot make it fard.  Also if something is makruh we are not allowed to make it haraam.  This is extremism in regards to verdicts and judgments’. It is also haraam to cohabit in front of others or to cohabit while the woman is menstruating.  Anyone who does this has to pay an expiation of 4  ¼grams of gold.
Hadith 51--Allah shall call  people by their mothers’ names on the Day of Judgement in order to cover for them.    Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by  Ibn Jawzee
Hadith 52- The aubergine (eggplant) is a cure for all ailments. Classified fabricated by  Ibn Hajr Al-Asqalaani.
This fabricated hadith contradicts the authentic saying of the Holy Prophet (sal) “The black seed is a cure for all diseases except As-Saam”. Aisha (ra) asked: “What is As-Saam”? He, the Holy Prophet said:”Death”.
Hadith 53- Let the most handsome among you lead the prayer (salah) because it is more likely that he will be the best in character and use your wealth  to safeguard your honour and safeguard your deen by guarding your tongue.
Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
 Hadith 54- He who travels on Jumu’ah days  shall have two angels invoking Allah against  him, that he should have no one accompanying him on his journey and that he should not accomplish whatever aim and objective he set out to accomplish. Related by al Khataab and classified fabricated by Adh Dhahaabee and Ibn Hibban.
There is no authentic traditions that forbids A Muslim from travelling on Jumu’ah day.  Thus, if a Muslim has needs to take care of, there is no sin on him if he travels on Jumu’ah day.  This fabricated khabar contradicts an authentic athar in which Umar Ibn al Khattaab (ra) saw a man dressed for a journey.  The man then said in the presence of Umar (ra), if today weren’t Friday I would have travelled .  Umar (ra) heard him and said:”You may travel because Friday doesn’t prevent anyone from travelling.
Hadith 55- Verily for everything there is a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Surah Yaa-Sin, he who reads it once will have the reward of reading  the Qur’an ten times.  Related by ad-Daarimee 2/456 and classified fabricated by Ibn Abee Haatim.
There is another Hadith that says “Recite Surah Yaasin over your dead”. this khabar was classified weak by Ad-Daar Qutnee.
 Hadith 56- He who charges a fee for teaching the Quran to others, then that will be his only reward in regards to the Qur’an.  Related by Abu Naeeem and classified fabricated by Ad-Dhahaabee.
Hadith 57- Wudhu on top of wudhu is light on top of light.  Related by Imam Gazzali in Ihyaa 1/135 and classified fabricated by al Mandharee.
Hadith 58- Backbiting nullifies one’s wudhu and salah. Related by Abu Naee’m and classified fabricated by Ad- Daar Qutnee and Al Haakim
Hadith 59- Verily it is the non-Arabic speaking nations that  do this (i.e. kissing the hands of their kings) and I Muhammad(sal) is not a king. I am but a man from among you.  Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee
The above mentioned fabricated khabar gives the false impression that the practice of kissing the hands of respected people like Shaikhs, parents, teachers etc., is not allowed in Islam and should not be deemed a bid’ah because there are authentic traditions stating that some of the companions of the Holy Prophet (sal) kissed his hands on a few occasions and he did not object to it.
Hadith 60- The mistake of Prophet David was in his lust  Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by Imam Suyooti and Adh Dhahaabee who said a liar by the name of Ahmad Ibn Ishaaq was found in the chain of transmitters..
Hadith 61- Whenever something is comprised of hallal and haraam, the haraam always outweighs hallal classified fabricated by Al Haafidh Al Iraqi.
Hadith 62- To look at a beautiful face improves ones eyesight and to look at an ugly face causes ones eyesight to fade.  Related by Al Khataab and classified fabricated by Ibn Hibaan
Hadith 63- To look at the face of a beautiful woman and green vegetation improves ones eyesight.   Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by adh Dhahaabee
Hadith 64- If the Arabs should become degraded, then Islam would become degraded too.   Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by Ibn Abee Haatim. 
The above fabricated hadith gives the impression that Islam needs Arabs and thus it depends on them solely for it to spread.  However this is not the case. Islam doesn’t need people, it’ the people who need Islam.  The reason for this is because Allah (swt) is the Revealer and Protector of Al Islam. Allah said:“Verily We have revealed it and We are the Divine protectors of it.
Hadith 65 - The Prophet (sal)  had the ability to see in the dark the way he used to see in the daylight. Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhabaabee
Even though the above-mentioned Hadith is fabricated there is an authentic tradition that states that the Holy Prophet (sal)  had special ability to  see which we don’t have.  He was able to see behind him in salah, so the people who prayed behind him were visible  to him, hence if they didn’t pray properly he would admonish them.
Hadith 66- It is the Sunnah that one should not perform more than one Salah (prayer) with Tayammum; instead he should make a fresh Tayammum for each and every Salah. Related by At Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.
Tayammum  takes the place of wudu and ghusl when there is no water or the worshipper is sick, or the water is ice cold hence it may  cause fever to the worshipper if he or she should bathe in it.  Thus it is permissible to perform as many salah as possible with the same tayammum as long as the tayammum is not broken by one of the following nine things:
Passing wind, Urination, stools, heavy sleep, Touching a woman with lust, Unconsciousness by fainting or drugs, eating camel meat, apostasy, the availability of water.Our wudu is broken by the first eight things that nullify our tayammum.
Hadith 67- Allah has sworn that He shall never allow a stingy person to enter the Paradise. Related by Ibn Askaair and classified fabricated by ad-Daar Qutnee who said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters by the name of Muhammad Ibn Zakaria Al Ghulaabi.
Hadith 68-Whenever the imam ascends the Mimbar on Jumu’ah day, there should be no salah and talking.  Related by At-Tabaaaraani and classified fabricated by ash-Dhaahabe
The above-mentioned fabricated hadith give the impression that it is impermissible to pray two rak’ah of sunnah while the Imam is delivering his khutba.  However it is permissible for a person to perform two rak’ah of sunnah while the Imam is delivering the khutba because there are authentic traditions allowing it.
Hadith 69- He who shortens the Iqaamah by reciting (Allahu Akbar) twice is not one of us. Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee.
Iqaamah can be called two ways, first reciting Allahu Akbar four times exactly like the Athaan, or shortening it by reciting Allahu Akbar twice only.  Hence no one has the right to criticize a person for acting upon either of them.
Hadith 70- He who raises his hands in Salah has no Salah. Related by Ibn Taahir who said it was a fabricated Hadith p.87
The person who fabricated this hadith is called Ma’moor Ibn Ahmad Al Harwee.Adh Dhahaabee  said about him that he used  to be  in the habit of fabricating  ahaadith and attributing them to reliable sources. Abu Na’eem said this man Ma’moor  Ibn Ahamad was a scum who used to fabricate ahaadith  and attribute them to reliable sources  in order to deceive the Muslims.
Hadith 71- He who performs wudhu and wipes his neck will not have iron fetters placed around his neck on Judgement Day.  Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by ad-Daaar Qutnee and al Haakin.  Wiping behind the neck during wudhu is not something that was legislated by the Prophet (sal) and this is to be seen as a Bid’ah.
Hadith 72- Verily Allah loves to see His servant tired and exhausted in his quest for Halaal things.  Related by Abu Mansoor Ad-Daylamee and classified fabricated by as-Daar Qutnee
Hadith 73- The ink of the scholar is holier  than the blood of a martyr   Related by Khateeb  in the history of  Bagdad 2/193 He also said it was a fabricated hadith.
The above-mentioned fabricated hadith give preference to the method of daw'ah over jihad for spreading Islam. However the best method for spreading Islam is Jihad and not daw’ah.  Thus the Holy Prophet (sal) spent thirteen years in Makkah giving daw’ah and only approximately one hundred people embraced Islam.  But when he entered Makkah with military might and Shawka (power) two thousand took their shahadah in one day. The mujaahideen conquor lands and save the entire populace from the Hell-fire by delivering Islam to them.  This accomplishment is much greater than what books can do
Hadith 74- The Holy Prophet (sal) was once returning from a battle with his companions and he turned to them and said:” We have returned from the lesser Jihaad to the greater Jihaad, Jihadd-u-Nafs Jihaad Akbar i.e. to fight against your evil desires is the greatest.”
Related by Bayhaqi and classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar who said this Khabar is not a saying of the Holy Prophet (sal) but instead a saying of a man by the name of Ibrahim Ibn Abee Ablah.This hadith is frequently quoted by cowards and hypocrites who don’t want to die for Allah (swt) in this regards.
Hadith 75- He who eats with someone whose sins are forgiven will have his sins forgiven also-Fabricated, Ibn Hajar
Hadith 76-The Spider is a shaitaan transformed by Allah so kill it.- Inauthentic, Ibn Adee.
Hadith 77- He who prays twenty rak’ah between Mahrib and Isha  shall have a house built in the Paradise- Ibn Maajah, Fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 78- A Scholar of Islam will never become senile.-  Classified as fabricated by Ibn Abee Hatim
Hadith 79- A reciter of the Quran will never become senile.  –Classified fabricated by Suyooti.
Hadith 80-There shall arise a man from among my followers by the name of Muhamed Ibn Idrees(imam Shafie). He will be more detrimental to my followers than Iblees. And there shall arise a man from my followers by the name of Abu Haneefa, he will be the light of my ummah.
Classified fabricated by Ibn Jazwee.   The person who fabricated this hadith is a member of the Hanafi school of thought. Once again we have seen how fanaticism in regard to school of thought has caused a person to lie about the Holy Prophet  (sal).
Hadith 81- Allah (swt) has disallowed the recitation of the Holy Quran with a charming voice. Related by Tabaraani. Classified fabricated by Al Haythamee who said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters.
Hadith 82 – He who recites while he is praying behind the  imam will have his mouth filled  with fire on the Day of Judgement.  –  Related by Ibn Taahir in his book Tadhkira. He classified as fabricated and said a Dajjal was found in the chain of  transmitters.
Hadith 83-Whenever one performs a lot of Hajj and Umrah he or she is protected from poverty. Related by al-Haamilee and classified fabricated by Ibn Hibban.
This hadith if acted upon can make life difficult for the Muslims.  Every year there is a problem of overcrowding during the Hajj season. The Muslims who have already made Hajj should stay at home and give  the opportunity to someone else that has not been for Hajj.  The most pious Muslim to ever walk earth was the Holy Prophet (sal) and he only made Hajj once
Hadith 84- He who prayed two rak’ah of prayer in  privacy without being seen by anyone except Allah and he angels will be saved from the Hell-fire. Related by Ibn Asaakir and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee.
Hadith 85- The heart of a believer is Allah’s dwelling place. Classified  fabricated by Az-Zarkashee and Ibn Taymiyya.
Hadith 86-Madina is holier than Makkah.  Related by Tabaraanei and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee.

There is a difference of opinion among the scholars as to whether Makkah is holier than Madinah.  It’s our madhab (i.e. Hanbali school of thought) that Makkah is holier than Madinah. This view is also championed by Imam Abu Hanifa and Shafi.  However Imam Malik and most of his students are of the view that Madinah is holier than Makkah. The great Maliki scholar alQaadi Iyaad said Madinah is the most sacred place on earth because the grave of the Holy Prophet (sal) is there.
Hadith 87 -Verily Allah does not accept a supplication (duwaaa) which has a grammatical error in it. Related by Taki Subkee- and classified fabricated by Mula Ali Qaari.
A grammatical error is not a reason to have one’s Du’aa rejected.  The du’aa that Allah (swt) rejects is the Du’aa of a person who eats haraam food, or consumes haraam drink. Such a person will have his du’aa rejected for forty days. Drug  abuse also causes one’s du’aa and salah to be rejected for forty  days.
Hadith 88- If a people should enter a man’s house, then he the owner of the house is the Ameer, until they depart; it is incumbent on them to obey his orders. Related by Abu Na’eem and classified fabricated by Adh-Dahaabee, who said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters by the name of Mualla Ibn Hilaal. 
This fabricated khabar doesn’t make sense because many times we visit the homes of weak Muslims and apostates to invite them back to Al Islam.  How can an apostate be Ameer over the believers when Allah said: “ And never will Allah grant to the disbelievers a mastery over the believers. However if the person whose home  you visit is a practicing Muslim, then no one has  the right to lead him in  salah in his own home, unless he appoints someone else to do so.  In this regard the Holy Prophet (sal) said: No man must lead another in prayer in his house i.e. in the house of the latter or where the latter has the authority; or sit in his place of honour without his permission. Shu’bah said: I asked Ismail what is the meaning of his place of honour? He replied his throne.
Hadith 89- The Jumu’ah prayer is compulsory of fifty men and whenever they are less than fifty, Jumu’ah is not compulsory on them.   Related by At-Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Adh Dhahaabee. There is no specific number mentioned the authentic traditions for the Jumu’ah prayer.  Hence we are allowed to perform jumu’ah even if we are only three.
It is Sunnah Muakkadah to make ghusl for every Jumu’ah prayer.  One should recite Surah “The Cave” on Jumu’ah day (this is Sunnah) Likewise we should try to reach the mosque before the Imam ascends the mimbar in order to receive special blessings from Allah (swt). Even though Jumu’ah is not compulsory on women, they should attend as much as possible in order to grow in Iman.  If a male should miss three Jumu’ah prayers consecutively he has committed a grave sin in Al Islam. Jumu’ah prayer is not compulsory on the traveler, the sick and the prisoner because he is not free.  There is no harm in delivering the khutba in a language other than the Arabic language because the purpose of the khutba is to guide the ummah, so how can you guide the people if the khutba is not in a language that they understand
Hadith 90- There is not a single Prophet who had a nocturnal emission (wet dream) for  verily nocturnal emission is from the Shaitaan..  Related by Ibn Adee  and classified fabricated by Adh Dhahaabee.
Hadith 91- There will be no Mahdi and no Isa (alaihissalam) i.e. the return of Jesus. Related by Al Haakim 4/441 and classified fabricated by Shawkaani and Saghani.
The fabricated khabar contradicts the Quran and Sunnah.  The coming of Isa (alh)was made mention of in the The holy Qur’an as well as in many authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet (sal).  Thus it’s not befitting of a Muslim to reject faith in it.
 In regards to the return of Isa (alai), Allah said: “ And he, Isa (alai) the son of Maryam is a divine sign for the Day of Judgement, therefore have no doubt concerning it.  And follow Me, Allah, i.e. be obedient to the commandments of Allah.  This is the straight path..”
Hadith 92- The Mahdi shall come from the lineage of my uncle Abbas. Related by Ad-Daar Qutnee and classified fabricated by Ibn Adee who said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters by the name of Muhammad Ibn al Waleed.
This fabricated khabar is in conflict with the authentic tradition of the Prophet (sal).  Thus the Holy Prophet (sal) said about the Mahdi “ The Mahdi shall be from my family, from the lineage of Fatima.”166
It is the belief of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa’ah that the Mahdi will be from the lineage of Fatima and not the lineage of Al Abbas or anyone else.
Hadith 93- He who knows himself knows his Lord. Mentioned in Al Mawaasid by As Sakhaaawi. p.198. Classified fabricated by As-Suyooti and Imam Nawawi. 
The scholars of Hadith said this khabar is not a hadith but instead it’s an Israeli i.e. the Jewish sayings. This hadith is extremely dangerous as it’s in conflict with the Islamic aqeedah.  It gives the false notion that man can be compared to Allah(swt). The ninety-nine names and attributes of Allah (swt)  should not be understood in human form.  This is called Tashbeeh i.e. to liken the Creator to His creation.  Anyone who makes Allah (swt) similar to His creation in His person or His names and attributes is a Kafir.  Hence Allah (swt) sees, speaks and hears but not like us.  We see as the creation and Allah (swt) sees as the Creator.  Our ability to see is limited while Allah’s ability to see is unlimited.  We believe in Allah’s names and attributes without making Him similar to his creation because Allah (swt) said: “ There is nothing in the heavens above nor the earth below which is like unto Him, and He is all Hearer the All-Seeer.”
Hadith 94- Make your Tawassul with my Glory (jahh) for verily my Glory in the sight of Allah is great.  Classified fabricated by Sheikul Islam Ibn Taymiyya who said this khabar is devoid of a known origin i.e. chain of transmitters.
The Arabic word Tawassul implies seeking a means of nearness to Allah (swt).  There are two types of tawassul lawful and unlawful.  The type mentioned in the above mentioned fabricated hadith is unlawful.  We are not allowed as Muslims to make tawassul with the Glory of the Prophet Muhammad (sal).  The lawful tawassul is of three types.  To draw to Allah (swt) by calling upon Him by His ninety-nine names and attributes.  Or to ask someone who is pious to make du’aa for you. And to draw near to Allah (swt) with your pious deeds.
Hadith 95- Allah the Most high has promised this house (the Ka’ba) that six hundred thousand worshippers shall visit it yearly for Hajj and if this number is not present He shall make it up with the Angels.  Related by Al Gazaali and classified fabricated by Al Haadidh Al Iraqi.
Hadith 96- Verily Allah has Angels whom He has assigned to transport the Deeds  Classified fabricated by Sakhaawi see Al Asraar p.148. 
There are Angels who transport the souls of Allah’s servants as it is made mention in Qur’an but not their actual bodies.
Hadith 97- The white rooster is my friend and a friend of my friend and an enemy of my enemy.  Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.
Hadith 98- Music sows hypocrisy in the hearts like the water causes the crops to germinate.  Classified fabricated by Imam Nawawi who said it’s a saying  of the scholars and not a hadith.  Even though this khabar is fabricated no one can deny the meaning is sahih (authentic).  This is so because here are many evidences from  quran and sunnah to prove the evil effects of music and to prove that it is haraam. 
Since the above  fabricated khabar is authentic in its meaning it’s permissible for Muslims to quote it as long as they avoid saying the Holy Prophet (sal) said or use the phrase, there is a hadith that says “ Among the many evidences proving that the above khabar is sahih in its meaning is Allah’s words.
Hadith 99- A shaikh is like a Prophet among his people.   Classified fabricated by Ash Shawkaani and many others. This khabar has another wording which says: A Shaikh in his community is like a Prophet among his people, they benefit from his knowledge and learn from him good adab.
The scholars of hadith say these two sayings  are not ahaadith of the Holy Prophet (sal) but instead they are sayings of the Islamic scholars past and present.
They also say that these two sayings even though they are not hadith they are authentic in their meanings. Because there is an authentic hadith that carries the meaning as these two khabaars.  Thus the Holy Prophet (sal) said in an authentic khabar “ The Islamic scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets.”
Hadith 100- Necessity knows no law.
 Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee.   The scholars of Islam say this saying is not a hadith but instead it’s a saying of the Islamic jurist.  Hence the meaning is authentic and it is permissible for the Muslims to act upon it.  For example, Allah (swt) has given us the permission to eat pork if we are starving and there is nothing else by which we can eat to save ourselves. Likewise we are allowed to renounce Islam when persecuted, the way Ammar Ibn Yaasir (ra) renounced Islam with his tongue when the arch enemy in Islam Abu Jahl was persecuting him for taking his shahadah.
This is what I wish to draw attention to. If I am right, it is from Allah; if wrong, it is from me. I ask Allah Almighty to protect us and you from errors and from all that displeases him. I conclude my praising by "Al-Hamdu-lillahi rabbil-alameen" - Praise is to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.

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